Sai Versailles

Multimedia Journalist

A controversial drug raid leads to the closure of a dance club in Manila, leaving a music subculture lost and scrambling.

Filipino food is gaining worldwide popularity. But as the diaspora grapples with the country's multicultural history, the cuisine's identity is yet to be established.

In Manila, Heritage Architecture Struggles to Survive

With the demolishing of Capitol Theatre, one of Manila’s last remaining art-deco theaters, the city’s cultural landmarks face a precarious future as it finds its footing in a transforming urban landscape.

To those who knew the artist, no headline could ever capture the complex truth of her humanity. But there are beautiful traces of it.

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Hip-hop, rap, R’n’B

Filipino bossa nova, disco, acid house  

Ambient and industrial acid techno


Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist, specialising in cultural writing and reporting.

Her work has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Huck, among others. She is the curator of Cultural Learnings,  an editorial platform for discussions on contemporary culture — available as a newsletter and a weekly show on Manila Community Radio.

Sai earned an MPhil from the University of Oxford.


Mixmag Asia, 2021.

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Podcast interview
Monday Off Radio, 2020

Feature, 2019.

Manila, Philippines