OCT 2022
Mogadoña w/ Versailles b2b Katachi

For Halloween, Versailles and Katachi deliver two hours of bugged out techno.
FEB 2022
This Won’t Be The Last Time w/ Duality and Versailles

Versailles and Duality present 'This Won't Be the Last Time' with music for intimate conversations and slow dancing with your best friend.

FEB 2022
Spectre Mixtape Vol. 2 - Versailles

Breakbeat all the way in this video mixtape featuring tracks by Asquith, Eris Drew, Picpoul, Jerome Hill, Green Velvet, and more.

JAN 2022
Masala Movement 2022/01: Versailles

Hosted by Todh Tehri, Versailles presents a nostalgic selection of classic techno and trance.

JAN 2022
Datafruits: Bumper 2 Bumper

Broadcasting from isolation, Bumper 2 Bumper [Duality, Versailles] go head-to-head with two hours of deep and rugged dance music.

NOV 2021
BRUZZ: Unos with Versailles - 22.11.21  

An interview with journalist and DJ Sai Versailles, plus an hour of dub, acid house, and techno.

OCT 2021
Duality w/ Versailles

Versailles makes an apperance for Duality’s weekly residency for an hour of electro, breaks, and techno.

JUL 2021

An hour of ambient, dub, and drum’n’bass for UNDERRADAR – a Jakarta-based record label spearheaded by techno heavyweight, Ecilo.

Featured on Resident Advisor’s Mix Of The Day.  

APR 2021
Void Realm Collective

Voidrealm is a house and techno music collective from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We chatted about Manila’s underground music scene, plus a mix of productions 100% made by Asian techno artists.

FEB 2021
Manila Community Radio

A transit records takeover to celebrate Manila Community Radio’s official launch.

FEB 2021
Stamp The Wax

Journalist and DJ Versailles takes us through the many genres of Manila's sound with an eclectic mix, plus her in-depth local guide on what to experience when visiting the tropical city.

FEB 2021

A techno mix for UUSAD as part of a music compilation of original productions, edits, and mixes from over 60 Filipino artists.

OCT 2020
Manila Community Radio

B2B with Duality featuring our house music rotation.

FEB 2020

A self-published mix for listening in the present.

AUG 2020
1020 Radio

A guest mix for 1020 Radio’s Walk-In Centre, featuring a wide spectrum of acid techno.

JUN 2020
transit records radio

Taking over the second hour of Duality’s weekly show with techno and acid tunes.


Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist focused on culture writing and reporting, whose work has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Courier, and more. She is also the curator of the newsletter and radio show, Cultural Learnings.

Under her DJ artist name Versailles, Sai traverses a range of genres with especially deep crates of film scores and soundtracks, as well as percussive and hypnotic electronic music.

Once described as radiating “the fond specificity of a mixtape smothered in fingerprints,” The Cultural Learnings radio show is a sonic exploration of one theme – whether a music or film genre, an artist, or a carefully curated “vibe” à la field recordings, sound bites, interviews, and more.

Versailles’ residency on Refuge Worldwide covers a spectral library of music where “rhythm and beat coalesce,” such in jazz, hip-hop, R’n’B, soul, reggae, and dub.

Sai earned an MPhil from the University of Oxford.


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