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Join Forces: Celebrating 40 Years of Force

Manila Community Radio joined forces with Nike Sportswear to bring our story to the screen, exclusively on the Nike app.

Manila Community Radio
Mogadoña w/ Versailles b2b Katachi

For Halloween, Versailles and Katachi deliver two hours of bugged out techno.

Refuge Worldwide
Residency: Sept 2022 w/ ZNER G.

ZNER G. hails from Legazpi City's underground hip-hop scene in Albay, Philippines. His style uses phonetical and multisyllabic rhyming that takes cures from jazz, boom bap and abstract rap. As a guest for Versailles' monthly show, ZNER G. presents original music plus tracks in collaboration with Legazpi City's homegrown talent.

Refuge Worldwide
Residency: Sept 2022

Restless after a 7-day work bender, Versailles delivers her 3 AM serving of downtempo to heal the burnout.

Manila Community Radio
Background Noise

Replaying a live DJ show from Phono, Quezon City, Versailles provides commentary on her track list of musique concrète and other avant garde music.

Manila Community Radio
Versailles, Live @ The Bouldering Hive

Versailles soundtracks The Bouldering Hive climbing gym with three hours of high-energy techno.

Refuge Worldwide
Residency: Aug 2022 w/ Butta B

Butta B guests for Versailles' monthly show with neo-soul selections and 2000s R’n’B nostalgia.

Manila Community Radio
TV Shows to Get to Know Me

Inspired by an Instagram sticker trend from January 2022, Versailles presents TV soundtracks to get to know her.

Manila Community Radio
Lullabies by Gaspar Noé

Versailles returns to Cultural Learnings with a selection of lullabies from Gaspar Noé's films.

Refuge WorldwideResidency: June 2022 w/ Local Sun

Versailles invites Local Sun with selections of what he 'thinks and feels' is R’n’B music.


Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist covering arts and culture. Her reporting has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Courier, and more. She is also the curator of the newsletter and radio show, Cultural Learnings.

Under her DJ artist name Versailles, Sai traverses a range of genres with especially deep crates of percussive and hypnotic electronic music. Cultural Learnings is a monthly show on Manila Community Radio, featuring panel discussions on culture and  eclectic music selections.

Her residency on Refuge Worldwide covers a spectral library of music where “rhythm and beat coalesce,” such in jazz, hip-hop, R’n’B, soul, reggae, and dub.

Sai earned an MPhil from the University of Oxford.


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