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Film Buffs Tell Us What It Feels Like to Watch Movies in a Cinema Again

They laughed, they cried, they shook their heads with surround sound vibrations. 

For Metro Manila’s cyclists, National Bicycle Day was like any other day

Cyclists from all over the Metro celebrated the fourth Sunday of November on their bikes, ingraining why a day like this is needed in the first place.

Unos with Versailles - 22.11.21  

An interview with journalist and DJ Sai Versailles, plus an hour of dub, acid house, and techno.

Cultural Learnings
Where do we go from here?

Sai Versailles opens Out of Print’s second volume as guest editor, contemplating what constitutes the spirit of our age today.

Out Of Print
There’s a Bit of Bree Jonson in All of Us

To those who knew the artist, no headline could ever capture the complex truth of her humanity. But there are beautiful traces of it.

Out Of Print
Volume 2, Issue 1

Out of Print is back with guest editor, Sai Versailles, launching Volume 2, featuring stories on Bree Jonson, JL Javier, Celeste Lapida, Jenny Odell, and James Clar.


R’n’B, garage, and jungle that takes you from getting dressed at home to lining up at the club - but not quite entering the heat of it.

Read the full feature here.
Mixmag Asia
Sai Versailles dives into the intersection of the Philippines and UK nightlife scenes throughout the pandemic

Despite getting her start DJing during the pandemic, it didn’t stop Versailles from creating means to learn and be heard.

Refuge Worldwide

One hour of eclectic selections for Versailles’ quarterly residency, including new wave, soul/R’n’B, house, and garage.
Curtain Call FWF w/ Versailles

FIFTH WALL FEST, in partnership with Manila Community Radio, explore sound and motion with an hour of dance film soundtracks with Versailles.


Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist, specialising in cultural writing and reporting.

Her work has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, HuffPost, Huck, among others. She is the curator of Cultural Learnings, an editorial platform for discussions on contemporary culture — available as a newsletter and a weekly show on Manila Community Radio.

She graduated with an MPhil in international development from the University of Oxford. 


Mixmag Asia, 2021.

Out Of Print, 2021.

Podcast Interview
Monday Off Radio, 2020

Feature, 2019.

Manila, Philippines