Cultural Learnings is a radio show of eclectic sound selections, curated by DJ and multimedia journalist Sai Versailles.

Once described as radiating “the fond specificity of a mixtape smothered in fingerprints,” each show is a sonic exploration of one theme – whether a music or film genre, an artist, or a carefully curated “vibe” à la field recordings, sound bites, interviews, and more.

Cultural Learnings is also a newsletter that always starts with a question. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ve found something resembling an answer.

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#48 • 6 SEPT 2022
Background Noise

Replaying a live DJ show from Phono, Quezon City, Versailles provides commentary on her track list of musique concrète and other avant garde music.

#47 • 1 AUG 2022
TV Shows to Get to Know Me

Inspired by an Instagram sticker trend from January 2022, Versailles presents TV soundtracks to get to know her.

#46 • 25 MAY 2022
Lullabies by Gaspar Noé

Versailles returns to Cultural Learnings with a selection of lullabies from Gaspar Noé's films.

#45 • 9 APR 2022
“Perception is Real, The Truth is Not”: Dissecting ‘The Kingmaker’

A panel discussion dissecting The Kingmaker, a documentary on former Philippine First Lady, Imelda Marcos, and her controversial family, covering the semiotics and semantics of the film in the context of the 2022 presidential elections.

#44 • 20 MAR 2022
Panel Discussion: Women in Cycling

This panel discussion spotlights women's perspectives in the culture of cycling with panellists lending their insight on the gender gap in cycling, "low-car living," media portrayal of women cyclists, and their role in advocacy.

#43 • 9 MAR 2022
Cultural Learnings w/ Pippa Brown

In partnership with British Council Philippines, Versailles steps away from the decks to chat with Pippa Brown, producer of Selector Radio and BBC Radio 1 Introducing.

#42 • 21 FEB 2022
Morning Music

A Monday morning special on Cultural Learnings with easy listening jams to ease into the week.

#41 • 26 JAN 2022
Rap and R’n’B from Euphoria

Spitting bars with music from the HBO television show, Euphoria.

#40 • 15 DEC 2021
Mixed Bag #2

One hour of a bit of everything.

#39 • 17 NOV 2021
Dub Techno

An hour of sludgy dance selections.

#38 • 31 OCT 2021
Suspense: A Cultural Learnings Halloween Special

A special edition of Cultural Learnings featuring scores from the most suspenseful and nerve-racking moments in cinema.

#37 • 1 SEPT 2021
Cultural Learnings w/ Nyshka Chandran

Freelance journalist Nyshka Chandran hops on for an hour of grade A jazz, hip-hop, funk, and DNB selections.

#36 • 25 AUG 2021
Listener-contributed Soundtracks

Soundtracks and scores contributed by the listeners of Cultural Learnings.

#35 • 18 AUG 2021
Tagalog Pop w/ Alyssa

Alyssa hops on Cultural Learnings with a homesick love letter to the Philippines featuring Tagalog pop and disco.

#34 • 4 AUG 2021
Cultural Learnings w/ Shaoxing Wine

Shaoxing Wine makes her DJ debut on Cultural Learnings with acid techno breaks.

#33 • 28 JUL 2021
One Year of Techno

After nearly a year since first broadcasting on radio, Versailles returns to her roots with an hour of techno, mixing in breaks and sludgy dub.

#32 • 21 JUL 2021
Cultural Learnings w/ Angelita

Broadcasting from London, Angelita brings tears, hiccups, and trance for another guest edition of Cultural Learnings.

#31 • 7 JUL 2021
Cultural Learnings w/ Ecilo

Dubbed by Jeff Mills as the "Indonesian techno master", Ecilo has a strong hold on the industrial and quintessentially Detroit sound.

#30 • 30 JUN 2021
Pride Month on Cultural Learnings w/ Barclay Bram

Barclay Bram presents soul, jazz, and R’n’B for lovers – songs he thinks about when he thinks about love.

#29 • 23 JUN 2021
Pride Month on Cultural Learnings w/ Papa Jawnz

Papa Jawnz delivers his re-imagining of a Studio 54 party – a legendary disco nightclub in New York City, known for being one of the first mainstream queer-friendly clubs in the world.

#28 • 16 JUN 2021
Pride Month on Cultural Learnings w/ presh

presh takes over with songs about love, loss and coming-of-age, including unreleased tracks from her upcoming synthpop EP.

#27 • 9 JUN 2021
Pride Month on Cultural Learnings w/ coates  

coates takes over Cultural Learnings for Pride Month with her musical radio play, "JOAN HIJACKS THE STATION." Synopsis: Christmas Day, 1989. Your aunt's weird roommate has invaded the local airwaves with a very queer mixtape.

#26 • 2 JUN 2021
Queer Cinema 

An hour of soundtracks and scores from queer cinema, including Paris Is Burning, Happy Together, Call Me By Your Name, and more.

#25 • 26 MAY 2021
Golden Birthday →

Versailles celebrates her 26th birthday on May 26 in this commemorative episode of Cultural Learnings.

#24 • 19 MAY 2021
Manila South 2010

Indie pop, dance, and electro that's oddly specific to Manila during the early 2010s.

#23 • 12 MAY 2021
Breaking Bad OST

Latin, reggae, and blues from one of the most watched shows in American television, Breaking Bad.

#22 • 28 APR 2021
Bad Things

Techno, acid, and jungle for doing bad things.

#21 • 21 APR 2021
Friends of Cultural Learnings

A special show featuring eclectic selections made entirely by the friends of Cultural Learnings — from Bollywood, metal and R’n’B, to OPM, jazz, and glitch hop.

#20 • 14 APR 2021
Whatever Goes

Jazz, soul, and house for slacking, idling, kicking back. ... whatever goes.

#19 • 7 APR 2021

130-160 BPM of jungle, drum'n'bass and techno.

#18 • 31 MAR 2021

Ambient and jazz music to play as the sun sets over the horizon.

#17 • 24 MAR 2021
Slow and Steady

Chill-out, jazz and R’n’B for taking it easy.

#16 • 17 MAR 2021

One hour of house music.

#15 • 10 MAR 2021
Music by Women

An eclectic selection of  music by women in celebration of Women’s History Month — from R’n’B and house to techno.

#14 • 3 MAR 2021
Daft Punk

A retrospective on Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo before they formed Daft Punk. French touch, alt rock, techno, and more.

#13 • 24 FEB 2021

Heating the dancefloor with one hour of stompers, bangers, and ragers.

#12 • 17 FEB 2021 Quarantine OST 2020

Music from films watched for the first time during quarantine.

#11 • 10 FEB 2021
Valentines Special

Downtempo and trip-hop for sexual healing.

#10 • 3 FEB 2021
Easy Listening

Downtempo, jazz and R’n’B for drinking orange juice to.

#09 • 27 JAN 2021
Electronic Atmospheres

One hour of ambient techno.

#08 • 16 DEC 2020
Boracay Sound

Baleric beats, house and trance that defined electronic dance music in Manila during the 2000s.

#08 • 9 DEC 2020
OST 2000

Film soundtracks from the noughties.

#07 • 2 DEC 2020
Spits and Bars

One hour of hip-hop.

#06 • 15 NOV 2020
Mixed Bag

Two hours of a bit of everything.

#05 • 18 OCT 2020
“Meditation” Music w/ Omnei.FM

A two-hour back-to-back with Omnei.FM, featuring our interpretation of music for meditation: Ambient soundscapes, OPM, hip-hop, film scores, and techno.

#04 • 4 OCT 2020

Two hours of progressive house and techno.

#03 • 20 SEPT 2020

Two hours of percussive jazz.

#02 • 6 SEPT 2020
Electronic Dance Masterclass

A history of electronic dance music, 1977-2020.

#01 • 16 AUG 2020
Film Soundtracks

23 tracks from 23 films.


Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist focused on culture reporting and writing.

Under her DJ artist name Versailles, Sai traverses a range of genres with especially deep crates of film scores and soundtracks, as well as percussive and hypnotic electronic music.

Sai is also the curator of the newsletter and radio show, Cultural Learnings. Once described as radiating “the fond specificity of “a mixtape smothered in fingerprints,” the Cultural Learnings radio show is a sonic exploration of one theme – whether a music or film genre, an artist, or a carefully curated “vibe” à la field recordings, sound bites, interviews, and more.

Versailles’ residency on Refuge Worldwide covers a spectral library of music where “rhythm and beat coalesce,” such in jazz, hip-hop, R’n’B, soul, reggae, and dub.

Sai earned an MPhil from the University of Oxford.


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