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Sai Versailles, Multimedia Journalist
📍 Manila, Philippines

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VICE • Features
How the Philippine Drug War Could Kill the Underground Dance Scene →

A controversial drug raid leads to the closure of a dance club in Manila, leaving a music subculture lost and scrambling.

MUNCHIES • Features, Print
Filipino Chefs Are Taking Back Control of Their Cuisine →

Filipino food is gaining worldwide popularity. But as the diaspora grapples with the country's multicultural history, the cuisine's identity is yet to be established.

Featured on VICE magazine’s “Borders” Issue →

VICE • Profiles
This Artist is the Only Man Ever Convicted of Blasphemy in Modern Philippines →

Carlos Celdran took on the church eight years ago and the fight took over his life.

VICE • Features, Photo
How the Catholic Church is Helping, and Hurting, the Philippines’ Poorest People →

The Church is running poverty alleviation programs in communities like Tondo. But it's also fighting against policies that could help them.  

CNN • Features
For Metro Manila’s cyclists, National Bicycle Day was like any other day  

Cyclists from all over the Metro celebrated the fourth Sunday of November on their bikes, ingraining why a day like this is needed in the first place.

Courier magazine • Features
A tour of Manila’s cultural quarter →

Each issue, we link up with locals in cities around the world to uncover what it's like to live and work there. Here, Sai Versailles takes the pulse of Poblacion.

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CNN • Features
In Manila, Heritage Architecture Struggles to Survive →

With the Capitol Theatre — one of Manila's last remaining art-deco theaters — now gone, the city's cultural landmarks face a precarious future.

L’Officiel magazine • Profiles
On the Beauty of Friendship and Circumstance →

To curator Diana Campbell Betancourt, thriving cultures are deeply rooted in a desire for human connection.

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CNN • Features
Plant Parenting as a Response to Our Lack of Urban Green
Spaces →

The cult of plant parenthood comes as a response to reclaim the right to green spaces, prioritizing the residential over the commercial interest.

Out of Print • Profiles
There’s a Bit of Bree Jonson in All of Us →

To those who knew the artist, no headline could ever capture the complex truth of her humanity. But there are beautiful traces of it.

VICE • Features
People Are Socialising More Than Ever, Just In a New Way →

A new culture is emerging as people all over the world are forced to stay at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

PURVEYR • Features, Market Research
What do T-Shirts Represent in Today’s Filipino Creative Industries? →

In collaboration with Cultural Learnings, PURVEYR’s inaugural Insight Paper is a 46-page report on the role and value of t-shirts in the Filipino creative industries.

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Sai Versailles is a multimedia journalist with beats covering art and design, business, music, urbanism, and politics. Her reporting has appeared on Vice, Munchies, CNN, Courier, and more. She is also the curator of the newsletter and radio show, Cultural Learnings.

Under her DJ artist name Versailles, Sai traverses a range of genres with especially deep crates of percussive and hypnotic electronic music. Cultural Learnings is a monthly show on Manila Communtiy Radio, featuring panel discussions on culture and selections in film music, among others.

For her Refuge Worldwide residency, Versailles covers a spectral library of music where “rhythm and beat coalsece,” such in jazz, hip-hop, R’n’B, soul, beats, and dub.

Sai earned an MPhil from the University of Oxford.


Mixmag Asia, 2022.

Podcast Interview
Dead Air Podcast, 2022.

Out Of Print, 2021.

Podcast Interview
Monday Off Radio, 2020

Feature, 2019.

Scout Magazine, 2017.